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Achaean League Icon


  • Powerful early-game units
  • Excellent siege capability


  • Mediocre navy and mercenary selection
  • Questionable start
  • Highly predictable gameplay

An archetypically Greek faction, the Achaean League's core of Greek-style, hoplitai-centred armies and cultural sophistication is also augmented with the addition of some innovative bonuses related to research, policies and economics, going for early defence in favour of a late-game boom. 

Because the Achaean League can research Policies at the Meeting House for free, it only takes two clicks for them to achieve a slave-based economy. So for an Achaean player, slaves can be very valuable indeed once a sufficiently high level in Civics or Commerce has been achieved because this then unlocks access to the market (required to sell resources for more Slaves) or the temple (to generate taxation income to purchase more), allowing for quick construction of a labour force to generate a massive army to crush the enemy.