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The Arverni have the Power of Honour. They replace the Aztecs.

A proud and fierce people, the Arverni are at the forefront of a Celtic group of people called Gauls by the Greeks and Romans. Formerly from the mysterious haunted woods which stretch eastwards across Europe beyond the northern cliffs of the Alpes, the Arverni hacked and slashed their way into the annals of history, and believe it is their right and privillege to conquer all of the world.

Despite being derided by Italian merchants as drunkards and spendthrifts, the Arverni cannot help but be acclaimed as one of the greatest Gallic tribes, and owe it to being specialised in one thing, or rather two — war and conquest. Capable of consolidating their "gains" from the victims of their forays, the Arverni boast some of the best infantry and cavalry, and in the field are an enemy who are not to be underestimated. For this, they rightfully deserve the respect, awe and hatred of their foes, particularly the other Gallic tribes who have been forced to bow to the very force of their own glory.

Faction BonusesEdit

  • Celtic Raiders: Plunder from enemy buildings increased 100%. Receive 60 bonus resources for each enemy killed.
  • Warrior Society: Start with one Military research at the Civic Centre. Receive 3 free Uirodusii whenever you build a new Barracks.


  • Lucterius
  • Viridovix
  • Bituitus
  • Vercingetorix
  • Luernius
  • Celtillus
  • Vercassivellaunos


  • Gergovia
  • Autricum
  • Burdigala
  • Baeterrae
  • Narbo
  • Tolosa
  • Vellaunodunum
  • Ruessium
  • Nemossos
  • Glanum
  • Lemonum
  • Vienna
  • Vasio
  • Metiosedum
  • Divona
  • Cenabum
  • Uxellodunum
  • Durotincum
  • Cavillonum
  • Arelate
  • Avennio
  • Magetobriga
  • Ambrussum