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The Britons have the Power of Tradition. They replace the Koreans.

Far to the north of the world lies Britannia, a land of mild summers, lugubrious skies and dampness. The land is dominated by the Britons, a series of Celtic tribes who have made this place, consisting of two islands and three geographic regions, their home for centuries untold. The Britons are frequently at war with one another, but a few wiser heads know that unity is essential: rumours have it that distant peoples are united in massive war machines which are slowly converging northwards and westwards on the path to global conquest, and so the Britons had better be prepared to meet them.

Unlike the orderly Iberians or the expansionist Arverni, British society remains very much tribalistic with many feuds taking place between the many tribes for prestige and gain. For this reason, the Britons are very much a faction fit for defensive play and tower rushing, given their ability to spawn free citizens and build towers on the cheap.

Faction BonusesEdit

  • Progeny of the Rowan: Start with 1 extra citizen, receive 3 for your next city and 5 for all future cities.
  • Druidry: Start with Temple and research religion line of research for free.
  • Spirited Resistance: Repair Buildings 50% faster, and citizens can repair under fire without penalty.
  • Hillforts: Towers 33% cheaper


  • Addedomarus
  • Adminius
  • Antedios
  • Boudicca
  • Caratacus
  • Cartimandua
  • Cartivellaunos
  • Comnius
  • Cunobelinbe
  • Dubnovellaunus
  • Dumnocoveros
  • Epaticcus
  • Eppillus
  • Lugotorix
  • Mandubracius
  • Prasutagus
  • Tasciovanus
  • Taximagulus
  • Tincomarus
  • Togodumnus
  • Vellocatus
  • Venutius
  • Verica
  • Vodenos
  • Volisios


  • Camulodunum
  • Durnovaria
  • Glevum
  • Isca
  • Isurium
  • Sorviodunum
  • Eboracum
  • Moridunum
  • Ratae
  • Verlamion
  • Viroconium
  • Calleva
  • Lactodurum
  • Darioritum
  • Corinium
  • Durovernum
  • Lindum
  • Luguvalium
  • Coria
  • Uxacorum
  • Magne