Although no concrete plans have been put in place for the creation of campaigns for Kings & Conquerors, the following are possible plans for campaigns associated with Kings & Conquerors:

Terms used in Kings & ConquerorsEdit

In Kings & Conquerors, there are several stages a faction may experience.

  • Independent: The faction is free and unencumbered, capable of making political decisions of its own.
  • Satrap: This faction, while being allied to another faction, is diplomatically dependent on its latter ally. It will also send tribute to its subsidiary each turn, which is deducted from your tribute score. The dominant faction is called a Hegemon Hegemon, the subordinates are called Satraps Satrap.
  • Client state: The faction is occupied in full and its armies are used by the occupiers, but the occupiers cannot touch its tribute or rare resources. The dominant faction is called a Suzerain, the subordinates are called clients or vassals.
  • Conquered: The faction is destroyed and ceases to exist.

Satraps can't be created diplomatically. They can only be created by coding. Many factions, mostly the Eastern factions and the Bactrians and Pontikoi start off as satraps of the Seleucids.

Tutorial campaign: A Tale of Two KingsEdit

This  tutorial is set during the Celtic invasions of Greece following Alexander's death, and contains two different tutorial campaigns:

  • The Antigonid campaign covers the efforts of Antigonus II of Macedon in containing and driving out the Celtic hordes which now infest Greece. This campaign explains the difference between policy choices, as well as the new abilities which patriots have.
  • The Epirote campaign revolves around king Pyrrhus of Epirus, and his adventures in Italy and Greece, and explains how mercenaries as well as the new buildings of the Greeks function.

Grand campaign: The Wolf Among LionsEdit

Set after the annexation of Samnite lands into Rome, all 24 factions are playable, from the shores of Spain to the distant mountains of Baktria!

Quick campaignsEdit

Imperium InvictumEdit

A limited campaign where you play the role of a Roman general tasked with defeating barbarians — as well as your rivals in the Roman Senate.

Rise of the BarbariansEdit

Assume control of one of Rome's enemies - the Iceni, Suebi, Parthians or Nabataeans - and change history by bringing Rome down to its knees, four centuries ahead of schedule.