League Athens

These two units are available to the Hellenes in the Iron Age when they choose to join the Delian League.

The Delian League is one of the four Greek city-states leagues that the player can choose to join in the Iron Age. As with the other leagues, joining the Delian League will provide the player with two special units and one unique bonus.


By joining the Delian League, the player will receive enhanced warships that are faster, more maneuverable and tougher than normal ships. This bonus applies to ships in later ages as well. Additionally the player will receive two units unique to the Delian League. Firstly there are the Epilektoi Athenai, elite hoplites that are trained at the fort. They are Athen's finest warriors and are equipped with expensive armour. Secondly there are the Hoplitai Iphikratikoi, light hoplites that are trained at the barracks. Wearing lighter armour than other hoplites, these men are faster and are armed with long pikes that can outreach the traditional Dory.

While the Delian League may be the best league to join when playing on naval maps, there is little point joining them on land maps, where there bonus is useless. In terms of units, the Delian League does not stand out from the other city state options, as they all have different strengths. The Epilektoi Athenai, able to defeat most other bodyguard units of the Iron Age, are better armoured than Homoioi Spartiates and the Hieros Lokhos, the elite hoplites of the Peloponnesian League and Boeotian League respectively, but are more expensive. The Hoplitai Iphikratikoi are also valuable soldiers. Their mobility and low cost combined with their devestating pikes make them better against lighter and more agile troops. However their lighter armour and smaller shields make them more vulnerable against better armoured troops.


The Delian League was an association of city-states under the leadership of Athens that existed during the 5th Century BC.