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Our mods

There are three mods, styled "chapters" associated with Kings & Conquerors, namely,

  • The Wolf Among Eagles, which concentrates on the rise and fall of the Roman Republic,
  • Rise of the Barbarians, set during the crisis of the Roman Republic and
  • Imperivm Invictvm, dealing with the death of the Roman Republic.

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The Wolf Among Eagles


Swords of the Prophets


Swords of the Prophets

The classic Kings & Conquerors experience, reliving the intrigue and chaos of the Hellenistic Era.

In Rise of the Barbarians, Rome has overcome the Greek and Carthaginian challenges to her rule, but many threats remain - from sullen Celts, bloodthirsty Germans or jealous Asians. It's up to you to destroy Rome, or aid her survival and the formation of Roman imperium throughout Europe.

Once more Rome is in crisis. But not for long. For out of the shadows of the Senate, from amongst the plebs, Imperivm Invictvm traces the adventures of what could possibly have been the greatest Roman to have lived....

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