Noble Residence
Building type
Base cost 120 Wealth Wealth, 60 Timber Timber
Ramping cost 40 Wealth Wealth
Construction time 66.6 seconds
Hit points 1150
Line of sight 10
Attack strength none
Attack range none
Armour 4
Prerequisites Spookyraven Civic
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to All factions

This stately building represents the residential neighbourhoods of the upper crust in society. Given the bonds between military prowess and the aristocracy, it also goes without saying that the most powerful warriors have their abode here, ready to do your bidding.



Functioning more like a mess hall for military staff than a mansion for the elite, a Syssiton is an upgrade of the Noble Residence for the Chremonidean League. The Syssiton is notable for being buildable in Small Cities, just like a Peasant Dwelling, so you can easily erect these in newly established Settlements without any fuss, thus making your frontier towns more secure by being able to summon elite units at moment's notice, rather than having to first upgrade the town in order to have the manpower necessary. An added bonus is that unlike the Noble Residence or the Peasant Dwelling, the Syssiton does not defect to the enemy the moment its host city falls.


A Broch is a unique building for the British Celts, and is essentially a mini-fort that is costlier (base cost 130Metal Metal, 60Timber Timber ;and ramp of 40Wealth), but provides +2 Wp Wonder Points and is substantially tougher, stronger,  and has a limited ranged attack.

Recruitable unitsEdit

Basic Units Level 1 Reforms Level 2 Reforms
Romans: Equites extraordinarii icon - ----------------------- Cohors evocata icon
Pedites extraordinarii icon - ----------------------- Cohors evocata icon
Antesignani icon
Macedonians: Basilikoi peltastai icon
Agema phalangiton icon
Hippeis thessalikoi icon


  • The model of the Roman Noble Residence is based on the Domus type of housing.[1]