Peasant Dwellings
Building type Military and Economic
Base cost
Ramping cost
Construction time
Hit points
Line of sight
Attack strength
Attack range
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to All factions

The Peasant Dwellings is a basic military and economic building. Its main purpose is to train the militia infantry units available to any faction. Its secondary role is to provide a small resource tricle. By researching reforms the units trained here can be upgraded and improved.

Tower HouseEdit

A Tower House is a building that is unique to the Armenians and Sabaeans, and is an upgrade of the Peasant Dwellings. Unlike normal Peasant Dwellings, the Tower House is capable of attacking enemies but does not have the armour nor the range of the Watchtower.

Units trainedEdit

Basic Units Level 1 Reforms Level 2 Reforms
Romans: Rorarii icon --- ------------------- Vigiles icon
Leves icon Velites icon Cohors iaculatores icon
Macedonians: Accensi icon Velites icon Cohors iaculatores icon
Hoplitai haploi icon
Phalangitai deuteroi icon
Akontistai icon Peltastai icon
Sphendonetai icon --- ------------------- Kestrosphendonetai icon
Toxotai icon


  • The model of the Roman Peasant Dwelling is based on the Insula type of housing.
  • The model of the Macedonian Peasant Dwelling is based on the Oikos type of housing.