You think that a wall as solid as the earth separates civilization from barbarism. I tell you the division is a thread, a sheet of glass. A touch here, a push there, and you bring back the reign of Saturn.
John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, The Power-House

"Italia, 113BCE

"Some say these Romans are barbarians. So they may be, but their swords are strong, and their armies are well-trained. If we leave them alone for too long, they may yet grow into a mighty empire.

"Now a new dictator has taken the reins of government in Rome, but it is clear that Roman ambition and lust for prestige are at odds with your existence and the continuity of your way of life. In the face of such opposition, it is time to take up your weapons and join the fight for survival or supremacy, but remember: many are Rome's enemies, but so are Rome's resources, and so there can only be one destined to vanquish Rome - and CONQUER THE WORLD."

Victory conditions and AtlasEdit

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Hint: Mouse over the map to access the atlas entry for each relevant "continent".

Victory conditionsEdit

In addition to capturing Latium, you are to seize 10 different regions. The regions are:









If another non-Roman faction obtains the threshold regions before you, you will lose.


Unlike The Wolf Among Lions, you do not get bonus tribute from capturing regions, but by conquering whole sets of regions. For instance, you want to gain bonus tribute, you cannot obtain it by capturing Aegyptus alone, you must also conquer other regions in the continent, including Africa, Ethiopia, and Maurentania and Agysimba. Similarly, control of Tarraconensis is not enough, you need to conquer the other 3 regions of Iberia (Baetica Citerior;Lusitania;Baetica Ulterior) to obtain the bonus tribute.



  • Numidians (allied playable)
  • Suebi (playable, at peace)
  • Parthians (playable, at peace)
  • Pontus (playable, at peace)
  • Arverni (playable, hostile)
  • Egypt (playable)
  • Lusitanians (playable, hostile)


  • Roman Republic (with 2 capitals - Byzantium and Rome)


  • Getae (peace) - controls two territories
  • Armenians (war with Pontus, allied with Parthia) - controls Greater Armenia
  • Nabataeans (allied with Judaeans)
  • Saba (peace) - cpontrols
  • Sarmatians (peace, allied with Getae)
  • Britons (at war with Suebi)
  • Cantabres (at war with Rome)
  • Bosporans (vassal of Pontics)
  • Seleucid Syria
  • Aedui
  • Judaeans (replaces Bactrians)
  • Cretans (Chremonideans, based off Ierapetra)
  • Massilia (Pergamenes)
  • Odrysians (replaces Epirotes)
  • Belgae (replaces Carthage)
  • Dacians


This campaign is very straightforward: capture at least 2 "continents" and capture Rome's capital in Italy. There are a total of 9 supply centres, scattered across the map. Some factions like Parthia start off with 1 extra under their control, but most of them are under the control of Rome. Diplomacy with anyone else is impossible - only Rome can accept alliances from you, but the Parthians can establish satrapies amongst the many Middle Eastern factions: Bosporus, Saba, and Armenians.

  • Suebi - easiest because of their position. Suebi's position just north of the Alps allows them to launch a quick strike for Rome, effectively dismembering the western empire. Afterwards, they only need to mop up a second "continent" to win the game, but Romans are still a hard nut to crack.
  • Parthia - easy, since Bactria, along with the ability to create vassal states means that Parthia has a good number of armies. However, their distance from the Mediterranean means that it will be some time before they can arrive in Rome.
  • Pontics
  • Egypt: Easy but Rome's alliance with Seleucia complicates things.
  • Numidia: Hardest


Generally, "barbarian" factions cannot ally with anyone other than Rome; Rome can be allied with for an exorbitant amount of tribute, but in this game there is no allied victory - your task is to enhance your prestige and to then break Rome by taking its capital of Rome.

Barbarian rebellionsEdit

If you begin turns without tribute, each and every one of your regions with territorial strength of 3 or less goes down by 1. Those that have reached 1 risk either joining the Romans, Aedui, Saka or Seleucids - so be careful.


Tribute is not obtained the traditional way. You can only obtain tribute through conquest, like in real life Rome. Most factions have plenty of tribute, except for the Suebi and the Sarmatians.