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The Suebi have the Power of Independence. They replace the Iroquois.

Originally from the far northern reaches of Europe, the Suebi have finally ensconced themselves in the dark and foreboding forests between the Alps and the Baltic. The Suebi are not alone, however, for these lands are also the homes of another group of people called the Celts, a fierce warrior race who will not back down from a fight. The Suebi nevertheless have had a spot of luck, for amongst the Celts there is no love for each other. With a few shoves of the spear, the Suebi may find themselves able to pit the Celts against one another, then overrun all and sundry who now oppose them and perhaps even establish an empire of their own to the far reaches of the world.

As befitting the many barbarian tribes in northern Europe, the Suebi are a highly militaristic race suited to living and fighting in their forest home, relying on stealth and surprise, with infantry combat taking pride of place in their warrior society. However, because they disdain all manner of "civilised" living, they suffer from a lack of proper economic or military bonuses, leaving them easy prey for those who are prepared to face them down with sufficient manpower and supplies on hand.

Faction BonusesEdit

  • Tribal Confederacy: First Meeting House built is free and is built instantly.
  • Ambush Tactics: Military units (including Scouts) in friendly territory are hidden when not attacking. All units heal when not moving or attacking in friendly territory.
  • Hunter-gatherers: The Suebi can't build Granaries, but Woodcutters gather +2 Food while working.
  • Hardened Warriors: Barracks units have +10% hit points.


  • Herrnweiss
  • Herrmann
  • Catwald
  • Vannius
  • Sido
  • Vibilius
  • Vangio
  • Maroboduus (or Morbowdus?)
  • Segimer


  • Lupfurdum
  • Hallstatt
  • Rethra
  • Budorgis
  • Uburzis
  • Tulifurdum
  • Heuneburg
  • Willenberg
  • Harpstedt
  • Ascaucalis
  • Rugium
  • Nebra
  • Jastorf
  • Wessenstedt
  • Belz
  • Atuatuca